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How to prominence and contour darker skin | Hani Sidow

Professional make adult artists have been contouring for decades. But it wasn’t until Kim Kardashian brought contouring to a courtesy of a Internet that a wider universe held on. Since then, contouring has turn a beauty craze, with thousands of Youtube video tutorials advising on how to use several shades of concealer and powder to carve and supplement heat to a face. Very few of these videos offer most recommendation for us dim skinned girls, though, when so many contouring products emanate a grey, ashy effect. Here’s how we do it.

Step 1: prime. Photograph: Hani Sidow

Step 1

Cover your face with moisturiser and authority – this is a full-coverage look, so your skin needs prepping. Apply your substructure – use a stippling brush for pointing – and mix with a beauty blender consume to give a flawless finish. we like natural, dewy foundations such as Make Up For Ever Ultra HD in a shade Y505 (Debenhams, £30).

Step 2: conceal. Photograph: Hani Sidow

Step 2

Apply concealer to a areas of your face that we would like to emphasise. Depending on your face shape, this competence be underneath your eyes in an inverted triangle, above your lips, in between your eyebrows and a center of your forehead, down a center of your nose, on your chin or underneath your cheekbones joining down to a corners of your mouth. My recommendation is to go a few shades lighter than your skin tinge and to select one with a warmer, yellow undertone. we like to use a Nars tawny concealer (John Lewis, £23) in a shade Amande.

Step 3: set. Photograph: Hani Sidow

Step 3

Blend a concealer and set it with unclouded powder or banana powder: a yellow-tinged melodramatic powder that unequivocally gives brightness; try Ben Nye (preciousaboutmakeup.com, £13.95).

Step 4: bronze. Photograph: Hani Sidow

Step 4

To supplement regard behind into your complexion, brush off a additional powder regulating a powder brush installed with pulpy powder in your skin shade. Then easily request a darker bronzer to contour. we use this underneath my cheekbones, on a sides of my nose, underneath my jawline and on a corners of my forehead. Finding a right shade can be wily for those with a deeper complexion; we need to find a deep, abounding brown. we like a SportFX bronzer and powder twin in Deep (SportFX, £14.99).

Step 5: blush. Photograph: Hani Sidow

Step 5

Add a hold of colour with blusher practical directly above a contour. For my skin, Fashion Fair Beauty Blush in Earth Red is ideal (Debenhams, £18).

Step 6: shimmer. Photograph: Hani Sidow

Step 6

Add a shimmery golden bronze to a top points of your cheekbone, a center of your nose and your cupids bow. Silvery-toned highlights can demeanour a small lifeless and grey; we used a Makeup Revolution highlighter in a colour Golden Lights (Superdrug, £3).

And that’s it! But play around and see what works for you, since we can’t all prominence and contour a same.

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