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How to look fashionably wet like Adele

The key, of course, is to look soaked. Monsoon-y. A welcome mat for flu. Adele’s latest cover – possibly latest, we lost count after the toddler shot on Zeit Magazin – is Rolling Stone’s new issue, a magazine that loves putting damp celebrities on their covers.

Shot by Theo Wenner, who has also photographed Taylor Swift, Léa Seydoux and Karen Elson in various bodies of water, Adele appears close-cropped, in a bathrobe, looking jaded but clean. Interestingly, in beauty, this wet look is also a thing, the dewy look taken to the power of n. There’s something about walking around with wet hair, brazenly, which is a power move. When beauty blogger Kristina Bazan was seen with slicked back hair at London Fashion Week the season before last, you knew she’d got an Uber. It’s the anti-tights movement of beauty. What’s more, it’s totally doable because none of it involves actually being wet.

Adele’s Rolling Stone cover. Photograph: Rolling Stone

Adele’s hair is wet with a bit of rough dry, not dissimilar to hair at Sophia Webster spring summer Mermaid 2016 show. At Jeremy Scott’s show last year, the vibe was “post-gym shower” – hair was dampened and combed through with a protein treatment that sets it. Try combing Aveda’s Damage Remedy treatment through your hair and leave it to go a bit crispy. This stuff also seals in moisture so the longer you leave it in, the better your hair will be once you wash it out. It’s really a win win.

Illamasqua’s Hydra Veil. Photograph: Illamasqua

Then move to the face. The key here is priming the skin so it’s genuinely hydrated. Backstage at Victoria Beckham, make-up artist Pay McGrath put a SKII Facial Treatment Mask on to her models. It does have definite shades of Almodóvar and they aren’t cheap at about £10 a go but, left for a good 20 minutes, will make your skin blindingly bright. Then whack on a hydrator gel. Illamasqua’s Hydra Veil is a bit goopy and weird-looking and comes with a spoon, but rehydrates your skin a treat. For your skin, prime with something such as Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm.

Chantecaille Future Skin. Photograph: Industrial Color Tech/PR

Chantecaille do a natty gel foundation called Future Skin, which contains charged water and makes you look damp but not sodden. Apply mascara, as per, then sweep Mac’s shadow in brule mixed with a little bit of Vaseline across your lids. Colour your lips with a stain – Collection’s Pout Pens are good and cheap – then pop some Eight Hour Cream sheer tint on your lips. An Ikea bath robe, and you’re good to go.

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