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How to Wash Off Waterproof Mascara Easily

In some specific cases waterproof mascara is a must! Especially for certain events (including the wedding day of your best friend or the welcome party of a beloved one) waterproof mascara seems to be our savior. However when it comes to wearing waterproof mascara there is something that usually keeps us away from opting for that formula. Of course we’re talking about the lack of information about how washing it off. Well guess what! Now we have all the little details that you need to know! So follow reading the information presented below and find out how you should wash off waterproof mascara properly.

How to Wash Off Waterproof Mascara Easily

Use the Right Products

Well waterproof formulas won’t come off with water. So there is no point of rubbing and irritating your skin. What we’re offering you to use instead is oil. Oil will help to break down waterproof properties in your makeup and guarantee easy removal. Luckily there are many oil-based makeup removers available out there. However there is also the alternative of choosing household products like olive oil, coconut oil, or castor oil. Also baby shampoo can be another effective remedy to go for. The latter stands out for being very sensitive which makes it safe for use on that specific are. Last but not least petroleum jelly is also an option to consider.

Use Cotton Pads and Q-Tips for Smoother Effects

It is very important to know how to use any of the offered products. Ok do not apply directly on your face in any case as that will lead to a total disaster. What you need to do instead is apply the needed amount on a cotton pad or Q-tip and only after rub it on the needed area.

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure

Once you get enough amount of the product on the cotton pad or the Q-tip you need to start the application process. Press it down gently in order to protect your skin from getting irritated. Once you notice that the product gets absorbed into the makeup you can start sweeping it off. It takes less than five minutes completely remove the mascara from your lashes. Now if after few swipes you’re still noticing any small traces of makeup you just need to apply more of the product and repeat the same process until the area looks perfectly clean. Once you finish, don’t forget to rinse your face with water in order to wash off the rest of your makeup as well.


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