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Hugh Grant hair? Not a bit of it. Robert Peston is actually bang on trend

Not up to speed with the latest BBC scandal? Then a quick recap is in order. Robert Peston, the BBC economics editor, is currently caught up in a heavyweight tonsorial controversy. Trolled on social media for his floppy Hugh Grant hair, he’s hit back with a response that – to paraphrase – is pretty much: “Very droll, I’m thick skinned, women in the media have it worse, let’s move on.”

And we would. Were it not for the fact that Robert Peston’s hair is just so indisputably on trend that it would be a dereliction of duty not to mention it. Social media is wrong: his polo neck, glasses, and wiry longer hair shouldn’t be read as some naff Richard Curtis homage; it’s so much more Mikhail Baryshnikov circa White Nights meets the autumn/winter 2015 Raf Simons catwalk.

Mikhail Baryshnikov with Helen Mirren in the 1985 film White Nights.
Photograph: c.Columbia/Everett/REX/c.Columbia/Everett/REX

Baryshnikov’s hair in the 1980s is almost identical to Peston’s right now. And ballet dancers are such a thing this season that US brand Rag Bone has cast the Russian-American star in its latest campaign. Add to that Peston’s clothes – specifically the cachet that a polo neck brings right now – and you have some hardcore fashion references that any menswear style editor would be proud to boast.

A model with hair reminiscent of Robert Peston walks the runway for Raf Simons.
Photograph: Victor Boyko/Getty Images

My guess is that Peston has an inkling that he’s currently at the top of his sartorial game: why else would he casually throw so much light on hairgate? Sure, in his response he mentions that he’s going a little Elvis Costello with his new glasses, and he also acknowledges the Jarvis Cocker references, and salutes his hair’s obligatory Twitter account, but I suspect that Peston is being coy about his depth of menswear knowledge to avoid yet more flak on social media. An understandable hair humblebrag, if you will. So there we have it: Peston, you’ve got 2015’s dominant aesthetic nailed. Don’t go changing.

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