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Instagram’s five new filters: can you spot the difference?

Instagram has launched five new filters. With names presumably coined using the Dada cut-up technique, these five filters are called Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Perpetua and Aden.

According to Dan Rubin, a fairly influential designer, photographer and Instagrammer who admits to leaking “small chunks of his brain directly to Twitter”, this is a good thing. “On Instagram, the filters actually evolve people’s styles and can lead to a certain type of photo,” he says. “A shift to more subtle filters will lead to people paying more attention to light and essentially taking better photos.”

While it has become fairly passe to actually deploy a filter on Instagram, and even naffer to flag that up using the hahtag #nofilter, there is no point writing it off until you’ve seen if it works. These filters are supposed to be subtler, yet still capable of capturing the “mood, tone and feelings” of the moment. With that in mind, can you tell which one has #nofilter (we can’t and we wrote this)?

NB: The answer is below the sixth picture, so scroll down carefully …

Instagram picture one.
Photograph: Instagram
Instagram picture two.
Photograph: Instagram
Instagram picture three.
Photograph: Instagram
Instagram picture four.
Photograph: Instagram
Instagram picture five.
Photograph: Instagram
Instagram picture six.
Photograph: Instagram

The answer is: four

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