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Is Liz Hurley right to moisturise 10 times a day?

We have had Liz Hurley on supporting Brexit, and her attempts during shared tact (that time she was photographed with Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov, inexplicably cuddling a kitten). She bequeathed a word “civilians” for non-celebrities, and combined amusement to a news cycle when she took adult with Shane Warne. Her latest act of philanthropy regards moisturiser. “The one thing we swear by is moisturiser – and lots of it,” she has told Woman Home magazine. “I’ll moisturise my face about 6 times a day and my neck about 10 times a day. Lightly dab it over your face, and it now creates we glow.”

This raises several questions. Like: is her neck 66% better-looking than her face? But mainly: why? If Hurley feels a need to moisturise so often, says dermatologist Sam Bunting: “It competence be that she’s regulating a wrong kind of moisturiser.” A well-formulated product should final all day, nonetheless Bunting adds: “It is some-more of a plea entrance into winter, with cold atmosphere and executive heating. It competence be that a moisturiser she is regulating relies on humectant ingredients, that work by attracting dampness from a air; if a atmosphere isn’t humid, we won’t get most benefit. That competence emanate a need for steady application.” What we need, she says, is a moisturiser “based on something called occlusive ingredients, that radically form a covering that stops H2O evaporating from a skin. Ingredients such as shea butter work good since they conflict in that way.”

Hurley hints that her idea seems to be some-more appearance- than comfort-based, and she positively is hexed of an oiled sheen. But could it be detrimental? “I’m not in foster of regulating overly abounding moisturisers or reapplying moisturiser mixed times during a day,” says dermatologist Stefanie Williams. “We wish to inspire a skin to strengthen a separator duty and furnish some-more water-holding mixture rather than suffocating it underneath moisturisers. It could, in my experience, make your skin ‘weaker’, for miss of a improved word.” Reapplying, she says, could forestall a healthy shedding of a outdoor skin cells. “You’re radically adhering them behind down. Your skin will seem to turn dryer since this covering becomes thicker. Also, we are signalling to a skin that a tip covering hasn’t come off, and there’s no need to furnish new cells, so you’re negligence down a healthy turnover of a skin, that is critical to keep it fresh-looking and not dull.”

Keen Hurley-watchers – and that of us isn’t? – will be gripping a tighten eye on how her unchanging basting pans out.

Article source: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/shortcuts/2018/oct/03/is-liz-hurley-right-to-moisturise-10-times-a-day

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