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January blues? Just get the right eyeshadow

Beauty? What beauty? I’m in a mole hole trying to work out what January means. I’ve heard of these January blues, but I usually escape somewhere distant before they set in. A place where the sun kisses my face better. As I look at the tumultuous English Channel out of my window, I feel my eyes become as watery as what’s in view.

I’m wondering what to write in this week’s Face Time, what to enthuse about. Crash, bang, wallop… here come the blues. I have been attempting to pound them away, running to the beat of the waves on the seafront. I’ve been doing shots of apple cider vinegar, like a true hippy – I’m told it’ll bring me goodness. And I’ve taken Instagram off my phone so I can sit with my thoughts. But I haven’t thought about beauty.

I am, however, having a dinner next Friday night for all my favourite women. I’ve decided we should gather and hash out these blues in comfort. I’m going to dress up and paint my eyelids blue. There’s an excellent selection of sea-like shades from NYX Cosmetics Single Eyeshadows. I’m opting for a tropical vibe… with the turquoise.

NYX eyeshadows, from £3, thebeautystore.com

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