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Kanye West launches mysterious countdown

Kanye West has launched a countdown to an event that will take place at 9pm GMT on Thursday 12 February. The only thing is, no one knows what he’s counting down to.

The countdown takes place against a background of what looks like netting spread over a dark surface, which doesn’t provide much of a clue. It also appears on a bespoke site called Yeezy.Supply, which suggests it could be retail-related.

The most likely bet, rather than a new album, would be some piece of apparel designed by West and marketed by Adidas. According to Complex, West is expected to unveil his next collection for the sportswear brand with a presentation at New York Fashion Week on 12 February, the very day the countdown expires.

West will be hoping his Fashion Week appearance goes better than his show at Paris Fashion Week in 2012, of which Vogue said: “All the trimmings but without the substance – yet – like a boy playing at being a big fashion designer.”

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