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Know your Body Type and Pick an Outfit Accordingly

When it comes to dressing up, some of us fail (sometimes incredibly so) and some just look good naturally. Some of us try too hard to look good while others just put on an old shirt and still look amazing.
You may not have understood dressing 101 but the answer could be quite simple – your dress should fit your body type. Yes, not all outfits, although available in all sizes, would look good for all body shapes. That’s why the following dressing rules were invented by stylists:

For the Triangle Body Shape

Consider your best features – shapely legs, a curvy waistline and hips for days. Most women would envy your slender upper body and head-turning hips. For tops, consider putting on layers so you can add balance to the upper half. Cardigans and cropped jackets work well. Showing off a little skin would do wonders for your upper torso. A little one-shoulder number or something with a wide neckline would be great.

Flared pants would work for your bottom half. Wear them with heels so that your legs would look longer. And then go for the boot-cut and dark colored jeans. Choosing fabrics that give the illusion of slimmer hips will go a long way. The color of your tops should also draw the eye up so embellish and wear bright colors as you wish.

For the Circle Body Shape

Think symmetry. Your body is naturally soft and curvy all over so a little structure would correct all that. A structured jacket would look really cool on you. Plus, wrap dresses and asymmetrical hemlines would show off your legs more. Drawing lines across your body with angles and prints would be slimming. For pants, a dark colored slim pants and boot cut jeans worn with heels or wedges show off you lost weight a little.

Always think of patterns and prints for your dresses and tops because symmetrical lines would hide those bulges and give you a figure.

For the Hourglass Body Shape

You’re already in the shape of a lifetime. Show it off without revealing way too much. Look for simple features on an outfit like necklines, fitted and tailored jackets and waist belts. All of them flatter your big breasts and tiny waist. Always go for the skinny jeans as well as boot cut pants.

We’re all made to look different so never try to dress like everyone else. Pick your style with the right materials to suit your shape so you’ll never have to try hard to look good ever again.

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