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Lemongrass & Lavender Butter Baby

WHAT IT IS Hydrating butter blend for hands feet and body. WHAT IT DOES Lemongrass & Lavender Butter Baby is a rich moisturizing cream for the entire body. This long-lasting formula leaves skin extremely soft with a dewy finish and light fragrance. The 1.5 oz. size is ideal for traveling and is the perfect way to try Cuccio Naturalé Butter Blends.
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How A Family Solved All Its Tough Skin Problems With One Natural Product

(‘cont from above . . .)

The family wouldn’t change their lifestyle, but they do have challenges. For example, in the harsh winters, they’re plagued with raw, chapped skin. And Ryan’s is so dry he nearly scratches it right off.

One night, Elena was relating their skin woes to her sister, Beth. With fervor, Beth urged Elena to get some raw shea butter. “You’ll never use anything else on your skin again!”

Getting shea butter in mid winter in Yellowstone wasn’t exactly a piece of cake, so Elena was delighted when two jars of it arrived by UPS, thanks to Beth. One jar contained “Exotic Ylang Ylang Shea Butter;” the other “Soothing Cypress Shea Butter.” Both consisted only of virgin, grade A shea butter and pure essential oils.

Before applying it, Elena inhaled the scents from both jars and basked in the enticing, natural fragrances. Both had intense aromas, not just hints of the essential oils. Elena was thrilled that she could treat her skin while also indulging in aromatherapy.

She knew from the moment she rubbed the buttery substance on her face, hands and feet that this product was the answer to her family’s problems. Her skin soaked it up and begged for more.

A month later, cracked, chapped lips, hands and faces are history for the whole family. Young Ryan’s skin is protected all day with an all-over application. Jim loves the cypress shea butter, while Elena adores the ylang ylang and wants to try all the scents.

Unexpectedly, since using shea butter Elena’s stretch marks have been fading. She also sent a jar of lavender shea butter to her mom, who reported it was the most deeply hydrating substance she’d ever put on her face, and said her wrinkles were slowly diminishing!

Beth was right: This family will never be without raw shea butter again, and they will never buy shea butter without the luscious essential oils.
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Each Baby is perfect for on-the-go in a travel friendly 1.5 oz size. A perfect way to try Cuccio Naturalé Butter Blends.
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