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London purse auction staid to mangle records

A 10-year-old Hermès Himalaya Birkin with a diamond-encrusted white bullion close is approaching to spin a many costly purse ever sole during auction in Europe when it appears as Lot 175 of 220 handbags, that will go underneath a produce during Christie’s in London on 12 June.

“Only 3 of these sole bags have ever come adult for auction,” says Christie’s purse specialist, Rachel Koffsky. “We don’t consider there are many of them out there. we have my fingers crossed that we will mangle annals with this bag.”

The bag is sloping to surpass a guess of £100,000-£150,000, putting it in line to tip a top cost paid for a purse during auction in Europe, that stands during £155,000.

The colourful marketplace in investment bags is driven by direct for Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags, that comment for about 90% of sales during auctions worldwide. The many preferred pieces in a sale during Christie’s Hong Kong final month were dual Hermès Birkin bags, that sole for £130,000 and £119,000, distant in additional of their estimates.

The hum around handbags as investment pieces has captivated art collectors, who in spin are diversifying a cultured of a sales over a normal crocodile-skin trophies preferred by ladies who lunch.

The London auction will embody a white Hermès bag embellished with a red Nasa trademark and sealed by a New York artist Tom Sachs, who explores a juncture between oppulance and existence in works such as Tiffany Glock, a boxed handgun done of card embellished to resemble Tiffany’s trinket packaging, and Hermès Value Meal, a reproduction fast-food tray fashioned in Hermès’s particular H-stamped orange.

Koffsky describes a Nasa handbag, that has an guess of £20,000-£30,000, as “a cooperative interpretation of consumerism … that shows how worldly a business are. we can see this being bought by a critical art gourmet who will arrangement it in a museum case.”

Hermès’s Nasa handbag. that has an guess of £20,000-£30,000. Photograph: Christies

The pre-auction hum among fashionistas centres around star pieces from new Chanel catwalk shows, that are offering for a fragment of their sell price.

A Lucite No 5 redolence bottle handbag, that had present watchful lists when it retailed for £5,800 reduction than 4 years ago, has a beam cost of £2,000-£3,000. A Chanel drudge dusk purchase and another in a form of a matryoshka doll, finish with pearl-buttoned jacket, join a purse sloganned with ‘Make Fashion Not War’ from a 2014 Paris conform week uncover staged as a criticism march. A 1970s bullion steel Gucci purchase fixed with a trompe l’oeil belt bend tag in a brand’s signature red and bullion has an guess of £500-£700, though a brand’s rebirth underneath engineer Alessandro Michele might outcome in a aloft offered price.

Hermés’s classical Birkins and Kellys sojourn a buttress of a market, says Koffsky, since “the exquisite craftmanship means they demeanour ideal 30 years down a line. The character is a classical that can’t be improved.”

The “It bag” was invented in a 1990s by designers such as Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs, though Koffsky believes a presentation of handbags as investments came after a financial pile-up of 2008, “when women looked during a bags they had been shopping and started to unequivocally concentration on a iconic models that hold their value”.

The outcome was a doubling down on a blue-chip Birkin and Kelly models. The Kelly – a some-more grave and structured of a two, with a singular top-handle tag where a Birkin has dual softer straps that order a front closure strap into 3 – has recently substituted places to spin a some-more sought-after of a two, a switch Koffsky attributes to a recognition of a Kelly among conform bloggers.

With auction prices mirroring a catwalk trend for mini-handbags, a 1992 ‘micro-mini’ Kelly bag, that during 15cm is tiny adequate to fit in a palm of a hand, has clients “lining adult around a block”, notwithstanding a beam cost of £6,000-£8,000.

Article source: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/jun/06/london-handbag-auction-poised-to-break-records-hermes-christies

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