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Lucky Blue Smith in Milan – stylewatch

This is Lucky Blue Smith, but if you’re a teenage girl, you probably know that already. This model isn’t just a model, he’s a full-on sensation. Looking at him straight on, as the front row did at Bottega Veneta, Versace and Etro, tells some of the story – 17-year-old Smith is blessed with a pair of Blue Steel cheekbones, matching ice-blue eyes and a peroxide quiff. But it’s outside the shows that the Lucky Blue Smith show really begins. This is a rare shot of the model alone, but he’s more usually mobbed by hundreds of teenage fans armed with smartphones. This is down to his Insta-fame – Smith has more than a million followers, despite posting only 500 pictures. The hysteria is such that the last picture he posted – of the back of his head, surrounded by a crowd of those smartphones – garnered nearly 90,000 likes. Add the fact that he’s a Mormon, supposedly abstaining from sex until marriage, and he’s got the kind of story teenage girls go wild for. It’s all going some way to making him the first male model in yonks to get even close to becoming a household name. With the Paris shows up next, front-row squeals as he walks the runway are only a matter of time.

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