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Macs: All Ages – in pictures

I’ll admit it – looking stylish in the British drizzle is something that remains elusive to me, even as a grownup. But there’s no doubt that a nice mac helps. This season, too, the rain mac is something of an It item, so you’ll be fashionable as well as dry. A clear plastic mac, as seen on Rebecca and Pam, is a good pick and, since it’s see-through, works handily as a neutral. Another way to go is with a 1980s, outdoorsy vibe – as seen on D’arcy and Michele. Lily’s pastel stripe, meanwhile, has about it a touch of Rita, Sue And Bob Too! In my book, that’s just the thing to lighten the mood until the sun comes out.

Lauren Cochrane

Photographer: David Newby for the Guardian. Stylist: Melanie Wilkinson. Fashion assistant: Hannah Davidson. Makeup: Lisa Stokes using Mac, assisted by Saskia Bannister. Hair: Mark Bailey at The London Style Agency. Models: Michele at Storm, Lily at Milk, Pam at Ugly, Rebecca at Nevs and D’arcy at Models 1.

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