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Mariah Carey’s shoe wardrobe – stylewatch

Oh Mariah, all we want for Christmas is to be you. Anyone who has seen Carey’s episode of Cribs will find the image pictured above, posted on the singer’s Instagram account, not only staggeringly gold and opulent, but also familiar. Complete with an impressive shoe collection that puts Carey in Imelda Marcos territory, the room – or shoedrobe – features endless shelves of stilettos and a pink throne for the singer to sit in while she tries on a pair or two. Aside from the addition of the throne, not much has changed since 2002, when she showed around viewers of the MTV show, with highlights including footwear worn in music videos and stars-and-stripes numbers, which she describes as “very patriotic”. Carey’s love of shoes comes, she reveals, from a time in her life when she had only one pair. Clearly, this is no longer the case. As she says in Cribs: “The girl who had one shoe now has many.”

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