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Meerkat Manor: Season 3 DVD

The Meerkat Manor Season 3 DVD set continues the adventures of the Whiskers family, including Flower, the family matriarch who faces struggles when an aggressive new group moves into the neighborhood. The Meerkat Manor series is filmed on sight at the Kuruman River Reserve in South Africa with above and below ground cameras capturing the intimate details of the everyday lives of an extended family of meerkats. Watch Meerkat Manor videos from season three for the continuing adventures of one of TVs top animal families.Meerkat Manor Season 3 DVD set lets you enjoy another fun season of Meerkat Manor, as the Whiskers stake new territory and are ready to start anew. Led by the dominant female matriarch, Flower, the Whiskers face a new rivalry in the form of the Zappa tribe, another meerkat mob best characterized as the neighbors from hell. The Meerkat Manor videos show that this family is no stranger to a good challenge, the Whiskers prepare to stand their ground in this drama-packed 13-episode DVD set.On Dangerous Ground After being evicted from their manor by the vicious Commandoes, the Whiskers try to survive in a hostile new area. With danger at every turn and food being scarce, Flower decides to lead the family, including her new born pups, on a perilous journey to find greener pastures.The Mission Flower mounts a rescue mission to find her pups who are lost in the heart of Zappa territory. While Mitch to trying to find the rest of the family and lead them back to the frightened pups, he runs into Mozart who has started up her own group with her old flame, Carlos. But with the Zappa closing in on the pups, it’s a race against time.Sister Act The Whiskers have settled into their new territory, but with the neighbors from hell living next door, they shouldn’t get too comfortable. When the Zappa gang discovers the whereabouts of Whiskers’ babysitting burrow, a carefree day turns nasty for Flower’s newest pups, Buster, Suggs and Izzy.The Death of Romance Carlos may have settled down with the Starsky, but it seems there’s a new Casanova in town. Roving male Houdini has a particular knack with the ladies and isn’t afraid of setting his sights too high. Having given birth, dominant female Flower is once again in her receptive period but will her head be turned by lover boy Houdini?The Tale of Len Squiggy Rocket Dog is in charge of the group after Flower’s mysterious disappearance. With the burden of leadership and Flower’s pups to consider, Rocket Dog is having a hard time. Things go from bad to worse when roving Zappa males plague the group, and the pups fall victim to the desert.The House of Zappa The Zappa gang wakes up to find that their dominant female Lola is missing. When she returns, her sister, Punk, seizes power and tries turning the Zappa into a formidable force capable of taking on the Whiskers.Heavy the Crown In a desperate search for food, Flower returns with half of the group to their old manor. But with their archrival the Commandos occupying the territory, it’s a risky venture. Meanwhile, Flower’s daughter, Rocket Dog, crumbles under the strain of her new leadership role. Journey’s End Flower gives birth to her third litter of the year. In a contest over land, the reunited Whiskers have no problem seeing off the rival Zappa gang . But, when one little trooper is left behind, the Whiskers are left with a tough decision. Plus, it’s the end of an era when tragedy strikes, and the Kalahari loses its favorite rose. A New Day Flower’s daughter, Rocket Dog, once again finds herself in charge of the Whiskers. But her sister, Maybelline, is showing signs of rebellion, and her father Zaphod is unwilling to leave the group. With the odds stacked against her, Rocket Dog is finding it difficult to prove that she is the true successor to Flower. Farewell, My Lovely The imminent change in season has forced Zaphod to finally leave the Whiskers and return to the lonely life of a roving male. Having found a potential mate within tPrice:  $ 19.98   Read More and Buy it here!

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