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Mofo festival 2015, Hobart: stylewatch

Is Hobart the coolest place in Australia? Yes and yes. It got down to 12 degrees on Saturday night – but all the better for giving your winter festival gear another outing.

Last weekend was Mona Foma – or Mofo for short – the Hobart summer music and arts festival, now in its seventh year. Curated by former Violent Femme Brian Ritchie, the festival’s sell-out crowds were treated to New York post-punk rockers Swans, Li Buyuan, a Chinese perfomance artist smashing 250 hammers, and Amanda Palmer singing a cover of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day with her husband Neil Gaiman and Paul Kelly – among others.

Mofo and its winter equivalent Dark Mofo could rightly claim to be Australia’s most interesting, challenging and diverse music festivals. So what to wear?

Hobart fashion has traditionally favoured wind-breaker utiliarian (think North Face fleece teamed with jeans) – but the burgeoning arts and cultural scene of recent years has resulted in a more diverse look on Hobart’s streets.

Betty from Melbourne, with her unicorn named Imagine.
Photograph: Anna Madeleine
Roddy is from Mullumbimby and is in Tasmania for four months. He came to Mofo after hearing Marduk was playing.
Photograph: Anna Madeleine
Emily from Melbourne – and is that Black Beauty on her top?
Photograph: Anna Madeleine
Candy and Kat – Candy is from Sydney and is visiting Tasmania to do some cycling, Kat has just moved to Hobart from Victoria.
Photograph: Anna Madeleine
Evan and Jo from Melbourne. Evan made his polka dot shirt himself.
Photograph: Anna Madeleine
La’Toyah and Teleesheah Sunrize from the Real Hot Bitches 80s dance troupe. They performed at Mona on Saturday afternoon and were looking forward to hitting the dance floor again at Faux Mo that night.
Photograph: Anna Madeleine

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