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Mrs Prada’s post-show bow – a genuine Fashion Moment

Italian designer Miuccia Prada takes a bow.
Photograph: Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Getty Images

Mrs Prada’s post-show bow chic at the end of her catwalk is – for many insiders – a genuine Fashion Moment. Forget the catwalk vision you have just seen (this season she summed it up as: “sweet … but violent”) it is her actual outfit that distills the longer-term Prada vision. A boyish skirt-suit, a buttoned-up uniform white shirt and some really fancy sandals.

It manages to be serious, left field and frivolous all at the same time. There’s nuance too in her look, which is hard to see from a distance. Backstage, fashion journalists clustered to hear her talk about her inspirations and trend directions. It was all fascinating. But, trust us, what they were really looking at is her earrings. Mrs Prada has a collection like no one else and this season she was wearing rubies edged with diamonds.

What does it all mean? Will we ever unlock the Prada mystery?

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