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Nioxin Scalp and Hair Care System 6 Cleanser-33.8oz

A moisturizing cleanser that helps remove follicle-clogging sebum fatty acids and environmental buildup from the scalp and hair. Cleanses to provide fuller-looking hair. For noticeably thin medium to coarse natural/chemically treated hair.
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Related Products In Amazon Nioxin System 6 is for medium to coarse, chemically enhanced hair that is noticeably thinning. Gently cleanses and removes environmental residues like DHT. SmoothPlex provides moisture, natural shine, and smooth control. Active Renewal helps provide a more youthful-looking scalp complexion.
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Enjoy silky hair and the natural freshness of your face and skin. Our argan oil has amazing healing and anti-aging properties to keep your hair and skin revitalized and nourished. Use as a daily moisturizer or treatment for hair, face, body and nails.

✔ Moisturizing and preserving moisture
✔ Anti-wrinkle and removing speckle
✔ Relieving and removing stretch marks, scars and sunburn
✔ Dispelling acne and whelk scars
✔ Keeping the hair soft and smooth
✔ Creating luminous, shiny hair and tame frizz
✔ Treating and softening your nails, cuticles and heels
✔ Repairing dry, fragile lips

Ideal for all hair and skin types.

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