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Pinemeadow Excel Ladies Hybrids

Why would I play hybrids 3-PW? Here’s your answer – the face of a hybrid club is manufactured out of harder 17-4 stainless steel, similar to a fairway wood, which helps with ball compression and forgiveness of the club. The hardness of the metal allows a slower swing speed to produce distance that would normally be a result of a faster swing speed. Not only will shots be longer with the hybrid club, but shots will be more accurate, because the hybrid allows for a greater margin for error. All this from a club that is shorter and lighter than its performance-matching counterparts! As you can see a hybrid set consisting of all hybrids 3-PW is a great configuration for new and experienced golfers alike. More and more people are making the switch and noticing a drastic improvement in their game. The Pinemeadow Excel Hybrids give you alternatives to replace all or some of your harder to hit irons. A men’s version of the Pinemeadow Excel Strong Hybrids (black/orange) is available on our site. Click the link to check out. This club is available in custom lengths and flexes. Click for more info.
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Related Products In Amazon The Pinemeadow Excel Strong hybrid features beautiful styling and perimeter weighting throughout the clubhead. This generates the ultimate launch angle for your shot. This sleek stainless steel design promotes a longer ball flight for better carry and allows you to cut through many different playing surfaces on the course. Reach a long par 3, split the middle on a short par 4, or use it for unique shots around the green. Picture this! Take your favorite fairway wood and cut the shaft down. Now, take all that trust you have in your club to hit the perfect shot. Imagine taking that shot and using your club from the tee to the green. That is what it’s like to have the new Strong hybrid in your bag.
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