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Pinny chic: how to wear an apron like Alexa Chung

Much like Jesus with the water and the wine, Alexa Chung wearing a beige apron with a navy shirt – a little bit Marni, a little bit Jil Sander – on The Great Comic Relief Bake Off last night sounds blah, but will no doubt see the pinny evolve into a festival staple this summer. So do hold your breath and work out how to wear yours.

Leather aprons on the Fendi AW15 catwalk in Milan
Photograph: Nick Zonna/Nick Zonna/Splash News/Corbis

Whistles has a black apron dress in store now, though its link to an actual apron is a little tenuous. Theory’s navy suede version is a little more on the money, what with its cross straps and pinched waist, although it’s a little impractical if you planned on working with flour while wearing it. On Fendi’s AW15 catwalk, it was less baker and more butcher as models paraded in leather A-line apron mini skirts with leather apron tops, all toy buttons and bizarre furry boots: a decidedly weightier and wipe-down version. Kenzo and Made in Humanity offered versions in denim, the former with buttons, which wouldn’t look out of place on the Alexa for AG line.

A model on the Shaun Samson catwalk
Photograph: John Phillips/Getty Images

In menswear, meanwhile, Shaun Samson made no bones about his inspiration, with waist wraparound aprons, the sort of thing a waiter wears, along with the full-size version in black emblazoned in white with non sequiturs including “Delusional Radical Bliss”. Which sort of sums up the whole vibe really.

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