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Ready to party? Beauty tips for the season

Statement hair accessories

Make things easy for yourself. A scrunch of dry shampoo, a spray of something smoky and Byredo-ish on your throat, and a sparkly hair accessory. Suddenly you are the life and soul. On the dancefloor, take the lead from Rodarte, Dolce Gabbana and Saint Laurent and pin in a tiara comb (£8, Monsoon). With the right sparkle, you are the mirrorball.


When all else fails, gold. The first offering from make-up guru Pat McGrath is dense, intense and, as you’d imagine from the woman who gave us glittering masks at Givenchy and gilded lips at Prada, fabulous. ‘Place it on your eyes, lips, cheeks, wherever. No limits!’ McGrath told us. Sounds like our kind of party (Pat McGrath)

Camouflage legs

Nothing says ‘I am in control of my life’ better than a sleek bare leg in the dead of winter. Spray on a mist of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (£9.99, Boots) to a shockingly white shin, and not only will you look sexy, but you’ll look as though you’re successful enough to have afforded a holiday, too.

Quick nails

Get a set of Juku tips (£8, Asos) or spritz on Nails Inc’s first spray-on polish (£10, Nails Inc) and use the minutes you’ve saved to go over your party small-talk themes. Property prices in London, socking. Bake Off, inspiring. Corbyn, yes or no? And here’s your cab.

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