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Rihanna’s newest artwork goes highbrow

The artwork for Rihanna’s new album. Possibly.

You go to bed with a mug of warm milk and a cardamom bun and the next thing you know, you wake up to find Rihanna’s maudlin face all over your Twitter feed after the singer released snippets of her new single, teased us with possibility of a new album R8 and dropped some new promotional imagery. Quite the RB triple threat.

#NewRihanna is always newsworthy, but it’s the styling – a bit 2013 Rihanna when she went a little bit raw (stopped wearing so much lipstick) – that’s turning heads. Wearing a Schott NYC leather jacket (a favourite of the singer, these £300-odd quilted leather jackets were also preferred by James Dean et al), and chandelier earrings while flashing her sternum tattoo, Rihanna’s new image screams Madonna circa-Vision Quest meets Paolo Roversi meets Frida Kahlo meets Boy George. A wonderful combination and one that suggests the singer is going highbrow. Or at least thick, painted brows. Either way, we’ll take what we can get.

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