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Salad sauce with style: inside Gucci’s initial restaurant

It is a age-old corner presented by high fashion: how do we change some-more batch while staying exclusive? Don’t ask Burberry. Fifteen years ago, it had a splendid thought of offered affordable “gateway” pieces lonesome in a iconic check, usually for a “wrong” arrange of people to buy it, branch it mass, and presumably alienating a label’s core patron base.

Still conform has mouths to feed. And it could do worse than demeanour to Gucci, presumably a many referenced tag in complicated fashion, that has launched a restaurant, posing a newer, some-more obligatory question: is Gucci’s tortellini the new bushy loafer?

This week saw the opening in Florence of a Gucci Osteria, an experiential grill overseen by three-Michelin-starred cook Massimo Bottura, and housed within a misnomered Gucci Garden, a new six-room judgment store (not garden) a stone’s chuck from a Uffizi Gallery.

Here we can eat Gucci tortellini in parmesan salsa (€20), Gucci taka buns filled with pig swell and lacquered with balsamic and miso (€15), or Gucci tongue (€25). If we are homesick, try a Gucci scampi (€30). If we are skint, a side of sautéed Gucci spinach for sir (€10), or Gucci cappuccino with logo’d sugarcubes for a lady. While we can’t unequivocally take a food away, you can Instagram it, on flattering Gucci plates, that we can also buy afterwards, in a shop. No plate costs some-more than €30, that is pennies in Gucci currency.

Commercially, this is brilliant, given it is partially affordable. Harvard Business School calls these intensity business brand tourists – someone who values a brand, dips their toe in once, though doesn’t fake to be partial of a club. And given brands such as Gucci have done a success by having their fingers in a millennial pie, rolling out something as amicable media accessible as food is smart.

But is it gimmick or genius? Bottura is one of Italy’s many Italian chefs, a maverick, desirous by Thelonious Monk and a crony of Gucci CD, Alessandro Michele. Since we can usually eat Gucci’s food in a Gucci Garden and usually buy a plates in Florence, it is substantially a bit of both. Because conform people do, on occasion, eat. Especially when it is Gucci-endorsed.

Article source: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/shortcuts/2018/jan/10/salad-dressing-with-style-inside-guccis-first-restaurant

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