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Scars, summer dresses and the healing touch

Darker skin scars more easily. I have scars from mostly fun wounds. Memories etched like island-shaped patches on to my skin. There’s the super-faint shadow, defiant on my right shoulder blade, from a ridiculous accident involving a hot tub, vintage swimwear and a drag queen cooking jerk chicken on a tiny barbecue.

There’s the stamp of pain on my bum cheek from when I was adamantly instructing an ex-boyfriend to steam a creased dress I was wearing at the time. More recently, it’s the dot to dot of mosquito bites from a fantastical work trip to Lebanon and a great big, annoying scrape on my left knee!

I’m upset about this one, it’s a little bit gnarly and looks like I’ve been up to something naughty. But it’s actually from the slimy wall of the tidal pool I swim in. I tried to style it out, as the blood gushed down my leg. But my writhing self was not as cool as a mermaid who’s just got legs – it was Charlie Chaplin pathetic and now I’m left with a prominent scar just as I want to wear teeny- weeny summer dresses.

I’ve been recommended Bio Oil, an age-old ‘go-to’ for treating scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It doesn’t claim miracles, just improvement. But I’m going to give it a good go.


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