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Seaweed for the bath – and Margate Pride

It is Margate Pride on the weekend of 11 August, and the theme is ‘local wildlife’. Although there are many local characters I’m tempted to dress up as (I tend to think Thanet is full of those – myself included – who choose to walk on the wild side), I’ve decided to be body-painted in the style of the slimy seaweed I often imagine myself emerging from if I were a twinkling, mythical sea creature. I’m using the same seaweed that the Margate brand Haeckels harvests to make delicious-smelling soap to fill baths across the land.

Yes, hydrated seaweed in your bath, creating ripples of anti-inflammatory minerals and amino acids. It is vegan, completely chemical-free and created in the Haeckels lab with skin rejuvenation in mind. If I had the time, I would bathe every day in seaweed.

Haeckles not only make these baths for merpeople possible, they are also on quite the mission to look at how we can be kinder to our sea. They want to raise awareness about the fragility of our oceans. Follow them online for more. haeckels.co.uk

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