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Seaweed for a bath – and Margate Pride

It is Margate Pride on a weekend of 11 August, and a thesis is ‘local wildlife’. Although there are many internal characters I’m tempted to dress adult as (I tend to consider Thanet is full of those – myself enclosed – who select to travel on a furious side), I’ve motionless to be body-painted in a character of a slippery seaweed we mostly suppose myself rising from if we were a twinkling, fabulous sea creature. I’m regulating a same seaweed that a Margate code Haeckels harvests to make delicious-smelling soap to fill baths opposite a land.

Yes, hydrated seaweed in your bath, formulating ripples of anti-inflammatory minerals and amino acids. It is vegan, totally chemical-free and combined in a Haeckels lab with skin rejuvenation in mind. If we had a time, we would wash each day in seaweed.

Haeckles not usually make these baths for merpeople possible, they are also on utterly a goal to demeanour during how we can be kinder to a sea. They wish to lift recognition about a infirmity of a oceans. Follow them online for more. haeckels.co.uk

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Article source: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/jun/17/seaweed-for-the-bath-and-for-margate-pride

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