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Sensational Sixties 50Set

Multi-Disc Set; Multi-Disc Set;; Disc 1; Bloody Pit Of Horror, _(1965) Color Not Rated; Sword Of Lancelot, (1963) Color Not Rated; High School Big Shot (Aka: Date Bait)_ (1960) B The Jackals _(1967) Color Not Rated;; Disc 2; Constantine And The Cross_ 1962) Color Not Rated; The Wild Ride_ 1960) B When The Girls Take Over_ 1962) B Last Glory Of Troy (Aka: The Avenger) _ 1962) Color Not Rated;; Disc 3; The Battle Of El Alamein_(1969) Color Rated Pg; The Cape Town Affair_(1967) Color Not Rated; The Manster_(1962) B The She-Beast_ (1966) Color Not Rated;; Disc 4; Five Minutes To Live (Aka: Door-To-Door Maniac)_(1961) B Esther And The King_(1960) Color Not Rated; The Sadist (1963) B Anatomy Of A Psycho_(1961) B; Disc 5; They Came From Beyond Space_ (1967) Color Not Rated; The Deadly Companions_(1961) Color Not Rated; Dangerous Charter_(1962) Color Rated Pg; Desert Commandos_(1967) Color Not Rated;; Disc 6; Shoot Out At Big Sag_ (1962) B Alexander The Great_(1968) Color Not RatedPrice:  $    Read More and Buy it here!

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