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Shoe of the day: polka dot Stan Smiths

Have we reached Stan Smith fatigue? Not likely. At fashion week, due to the sheer impossibility of the scheduling, they’ve become a fixture on the feet of the editors as they jog, perspiry, from frow to Pret to frow. Minimalist, neat and technology-free, they work with every look, and thanks to a bunch of new collaborations, are fashion-approved. To wit: this polka dot pair, as seen on the tootsies of Danyul Brown, stylist at Client magazine, which come from Pharrell Williams’ Polka Dot Pack capsule collection. The Raf Simons ones, which have an ‘R’ punched into the side, are also kosher. In a neat twist, the polka dots on Brown’s are made from the same felt used on tennis balls. You know, in case you’ve forgotten that they are actually sports shoes.

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