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Sizzle: The Better Sex Video Series: Sexplorations DVD

Covers Everything From Foreplay to Afterglow!4 disc set, including musical soundtrack. From the basics to advanced techniques, this educational combo walks you and your lover through everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sex! 4 disc set, including bonus musical soundtrack.The Sizzle: Sexplorations Combo includes:Advanced Sexual Techniques & PositionsAfter exploring the male and female body and highlighting different erogenous zones and orgasm triggers, the guide shows how you can use your new knowledge for maximum pleasure during foreplay and sex. It also highlights a variety of sexual positions designed for specific reasons such as Blossoming Flower for deeper penetration or the Pressed Positions for more responsive sex. 84 minutes, plus bonus material.22 Sex Secrets, Tips & Turn OnsFrom seductive foreplay to power issues, these tips can light a spark in even the dullest sexual relationship. It explores kinky toys like feather ticklers and sex outside the bedroom. For more adventuresome couples, there’s an extensive chapter about control in the form of dominance and submission. 79 minutes, plus bonus material.Erotic Sex Play & BeyondThis guide explores the world of sex outside of intercourse. If you need to improve your foreplay, it covers topics like intimate touching and massages. It shows how you can use sex toys and adult movies to help set the mood and maximize your pleasure. And it also delves into fun role playing scenarios you can try with your partner. 70 minutes, plus bonus material.The Journey’s Musical Soundtrack CDIncluded as a special bonus, this stirring musical collection helps set the mood during foreplay and while making love. About 60 minutes.Price:  $    Read More and Buy it here!

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