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The best luxury bath oils | Megan Conner

I am very good friends with people who tell me they only have showers, never a bath. So talking to them about submerging myself in steaming hot water and lying in the smell of a spa (add candles to actually pretend) is really a waste of time. But the other day I accidentally bought a shower person some bath oil so I had to explain its benefits. I’ll do it again for the shower people: warm, lovely bath; gorgeous smelling bath oil – Aromatherapy Associates’ De-Stress Mind (£40, aromatherapyassociates.com) – is my cure: lie down; stay lying down; close eyes; breathe/sing/sleep/let the oil seep in. Then, leave bath and jump straight into a warm dressing gown (no need to moisturise – bonus!) Your skin gleams and you look like a baby otter in a blanket. You are extremely lovable.


Neal’s Yard Rose and Pomegranate Bath Oil £14.75, nealsyardremedies.com
Senspa Relaxing Bath Oil £7.95, waitrose.com
REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil £30, net-a-porter.com
Origins Calm To Senses Lavender and Vanilla Oil £24, origins.co.uk
Rituals Heavenly Hammam Relaxing Bath Oil £13.50, rituals.com

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