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The six best modern facial sunblocks

I have worn a different sunblock on my face every day for the past five weeks, so you don’t have to. Last time I did this, two years ago, my skin emerged well protected, unfreckled, unburnt and looking like crap – greasy, spotty, stinging, often peeling with tiny balls of product as the sunblock reacted against my makeup. (Beauty brands, please deal with this. It makes me want to attack my bathroom cabinet with a claw hammer.) It’s little wonder practically no one I know bothers with facial sunblock, however much I shout at them and throw free suncare their way.

More than a month into testing, however, I can tell you with all sincerity that sunblocks have changed considerably, and it’s high time you got involved. In 2013 they are finer, smoother, gentler and more like a skincare treat than unpleasant medicine. Broad-spectrum sunscreens (protecting against both UVB and UVA) stop you looking like an overcooked idiot Brit abroad and help protect against lethal skin cancers. Any excuses for not wearing one are lame, outmoded and the beauty equivalent of some pillock refusing to wear a condom because “it doesn’t feel the same”. Enough now. I’ve already done the hard work. You just need to buy one and wear it. These six are brilliant.

Estée Lauder DayWear UV Base SPF50 , £33, esteelauder.co.uk
Another hit for the DayWear range: non-clogging, sheer, smells delicious, works a treat.

Cane Austin Protect SPF50 Ultra Sheer, £32, uk.spacenk.com
Find sunblocks heavy/greasy? This is light but moist and goes under makeup like a dream.

Astalift Day Protector SPF35, £39, boots.com
An excellent matt, very light cream with hyaluronic acid to retain water on dehydrated skin.

Simple Sun Sensitive Protecting Facial Lotion SPF50, £10.99, boots.com
A rich yet oil-free sunblock that is gentle on sensitive types and eczema sufferers.

Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Plus SPF50, £32, feelunique.com
Non-greasy, moist, lets you skip the daycream.

SunSense Daily Face Sunscreen SPF50, £18.50, johnlewis.com
Oil-free, with a light, glow-giving tint. I have never known a disappointed user.

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