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Tips for Perfect Bottom Eyeliner

As you all know the classy way of wearing eyeliner assumes applying it on the top lids. Well there is a reason for that and that is due to the fact that the application of eyeliner on the bottom lids can be tricky. However everything will seems a lot easier once you get the required skills. To do so you just need to learn to use the right technique. Now to help you with that we decided to present certain beauty tips that you need to know in order to achieve the desired effects. So take a look at the tips for perfect bottom eyeliner presented below and get ready to rock the look!

Tips for Perfect Bottom Eyeliner

Start by Preparing the Area

What you need to do first of all is start applying foundation or concealer in place. This ways you’ll prevent your eye makeup from running.

Avoid Going Too Dark

Opt for an eyeshadow that’s at least a tone lighter than your upper eyeliner. The reason why this is that important is because black eyeliner on upper and lower lashes may look too harsh. So the lower part should always look softer than upper part.

Line with Accuracy

Dip your brush into eyeshadow, tap off excess and start applying from the edge of eye inward 3/4 of the way in. Use a slant tip brush for better effects. Lighten your touch about halfway in during the application so the line blends well and looks smooth. Now dampen the brush with water or your favorite makeup setting spray and repeat the same process. Blot dampened brush on a tissue before applying to ensure your brush isn’t too wet. Follow blending the lower lash line out. Ensure you’re blending the line out more towards the inner eye corner for a more subtle effect.

Make Sure You Have all the Needed Tools

Well a slant tip brush is pretty much all you need to have in order to be able to start working on the look. Also the required colors of your eye makeup are also very important otherwise you might fail the look.

The Needed Eye Pencils

You can use eye pencils to deposit more color. Now remember that blending for the lower lash line is the key for the perfect smudge effect. Waterline application is a good option for women with big eyes but in all other cases it runs the risk of making the eye look smaller. Another good alternative for this area is the nude pencil or the eye brightener pencil in white or light blue tones. This makes eyes look brighter and larger.


Apply your lower lash line eyeliner directly at your lash roots as going too low on lower lash line might make your eyes look like they’re sagging. Now as we mentioned previously blending is the key to success of this look!  Now depending on what look you want you get you have to blend a certain area. For example for a blurred look you have to blend the lower lash line. Use a slant tip brush to blend the outer corner in inward. Also for better effects, you can angle the brush so the longer end of the bristles will help you to create the line.


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