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Twin Peaks: the coolest characters, the sharpest looks – in pictures

Dana Ashbrook as Bobby Briggs in Twin Peaks. Photograph: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Bobby Briggs

Ah, Bobby – the ultimate 90 teen dream boat. Played by Dana Ashbrook (a regular on the cover of teen mags such as Big, if memory serves), he predated Jared Leto in My So-Called Life by four years. The baseball shirt, leather jacket, Levis and hair sweep is now a classic of the rebel genre – “slacker hunk” could sum it up.

Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks

Laura Palmer

Sure, it’s harder to be a style icon beyond the grave but, in the world of Twin Peaks, it’s far from impossible. Laura’s high school picture is sweetness and light, but it’s her appearance in Agent Cooper’s dream that shows a different side. Dressed all in black with red lipstick, she is very chic and very weird. Add a floor that looks very like Nicholas Kirkwood’s signature zig zags and it’s definitely a fashion moment.

Kyle MacLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks. Photograph: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Agent Cooper

Agent Cooper loved a damn fine cup of coffee, as everyone knows, and he wasn’t averse to a damn fine suit either. While he is first seen upside-down in plaid boxers and white vest, it’s the tailoring that sticks in the memory. FBI-issued and ironed to within an inch of its life, that suit was normcore before normcore existed.

Log Lady in Twin Peaks. Photograph: ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

The Log Lady

Fashion is all about a quirky accessory – and you can’t get much quirkier than a log. The log lady – otherwise known as Margaret Lanterman – is the biggest cult heroine of Twin Peaks and clearly had an influence on the thirtysomethings watching the series growing up. Her glasses, librarian knit and bob have been adopted by the hordes of East London – logs are only a matter of time.

Sherilyn Fenn stars as Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks. Photograph: ABC

Audrey Horne

Sure, that scene with the cherry is infamous – and responsible for many teenage girls making very odd faces on a quest to imitate her – but Audrey’s entire wardrobe is a fashion-approved. Kilts, twinsets, red lipstick and that bob of bedhead hair will do that. Half-Heathers, half-Lana Turner, all amazing.

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