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Uniqlo teams up with UK-based designer for ‘modest’ fashion range

Clothing retailer Uniqlo has teamed up with a UK-based fashion designer to launch a new “modest wear” collection, including a range of hijabs.

The range, designed by Hana Tajima, features stylish hijabs in a variety of colours and prints, headbands, long dresses and rayon blouses which aims to “cater to ladies who embrace modest fashion” as well as being “carefully designed to suit contemporary tastes”. The items will go on sale on Friday from the store’s website and outlet in Singapore.

Uniqlo says that the collection takes inspiration from an appreciation of diverse cultures and styles, with the headscarves made from thin, breathable material ideal for tropical climates.

Tajima is a prolific British fashion blogger as well as being a designer and visual artist who converted to Islam aged 17 and went on to start her own label which specialised in stylish modest wear.

Announcing the launch of the new range, she said: “We want to create a collection that not only appeals to modern ladies who prefer to dress modestly, but also an international audience who desire clothes that fit comfortably and look contemporary. My collection is specially designed to allow effortless mix and match for today’s women to express their own style.”

Taku Morikawa, chief executive of Uniqlo Singapore, said: “We worked with Hana to determine what would be internationally appealing while keeping to the concept of modest wear. We are thrilled with the results of this unique collaboration which produced a desirable collection that does not sacrifice style for utmost comfort.”

Originating in Japan, Uniqlo now operates in sixteen countries, with around 1,500 stores globally. Ten of these are in the UK, located in London and the south-east. Workers at a Chinese factory producing clothes for the company went on strike earlier this month because of fears the operation would be closed down, reported the Financial Times.

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