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Ways to Grow Beautiful Long Lashes

There are numerous advertisements offering seductive and luxurious eyelashes. However, not everyone can afford expensive serums, enhancing the growth of lashes, as well as extensions. The best method is to enhance the natural and healthy growth of your lashes with several easy hacks. Like the growth of your tresses, it’s a long process with fantastic results. Thus, have a look at these easy ways to grow beautiful long lashes.    

Ways to Grow Beautiful Long Lashes

1.  Diminish the Amount of False Lashes You Pull off

False lashes are applied with glues, many of which are high in formaldehyde and ammonia. These hard chemicals will cause your lashes become dry and fragile. In case you can’t stay away from false lashes, stick to a glue rich in biotin, as it strengthens your lashes and make them grow. The glue packed with rosewater or chamomile makes the skin calm down.

2.  Provide Your Lashes with TLC

When taking a shower, don’t spatter water straight on the eyes. Skip eye rubbing violently and apply rich oil to get rid of eye makeup. Olive oil is the best option and it’s inexpensive, as well. Like massaging your head to stimulate hair growth, doing the same with eyelids is also the key of growing beautiful long lashes. Carry out gentle massages on the lid area with circular movements. Massage is great for blood circulation, which stimulates lash growing.

3.  Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is the most essential way to grow beautiful long lashes. Going for a diet, rich in vitamins and high in fruits and vegetables, as well as protein is crucial. Using much water is a fantastic method to stimulate hair growth not only on your head but on your face, as well. Biotin is one of the valuable supplements to enhance the growth of long lashes, as well.

4.  Remove Your Eye Makeup Carefully

Taking part in some parties may require applying lots of mascara on your lashes, which makes it hard to remove, giving rise to harmful eyelashes that will obstacle the follicle, causing them fall out. Develop a habit of cleaning your eye makeup before going to sleep. In case you wear mascara on your lashes overnight, it may give rise to unpleasant breakage.

You are advised to apply a remover pad based on oil for better results. To carry it out, you had better moisten the wash cloth with hot water to make the mascara loose along your lash line in order to open the pores.

Why opt for expensive and risky methods of growing beautiful long lashes, when you may try safe and healthy ways. Taking these ways into consideration, you will be able to enjoy your natural long lashes instead of applying false ones.


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