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What I see in the mirror: Kate Humble

When I look in the mirror, I see someone who is inherently scruffy, with a lot of curly, dark blond hair with grey creeping in, as well as stuff that shouldn’t be there, such as bits of hay or twig. I epitomise the dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards look. Mind you, having curly hair is brilliant, because you don’t have to do anything to it. I literally get up in the morning, hang my head upside down and give it a rub. Grooming is not my thing: I love grooming horses, I just can’t groom myself.

My eyes, meanwhile, are very dark brown and, if I am very cold, they look like piss-holes in the snow.

I have no idea what suits me, so I usually revert to my safety outfit: jeans, walking boots or wellies, layers of fleece and a lot of Gore-Tex. I have actually not gone to parties because I didn’t know what to wear.

If I’m filming in a lit environment such as on Springwatch or Lambing Live, I have to wear makeup or viewers would scream, but I don’t bother if we’re shooting a documentary in natural light. I hope people think what I say is more interesting than how I look. When I did Wild Shepherdess and lived in Afghanistan with shepherds, I didn’t even wash, let alone wear makeup.

I know it’s a big deal for the participants on I’m A Celebrity… to go without makeup. Well, I’ve been doing that for years.

Kate Humble is leading the 2014 Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project, to keep Britain’s beaches barefoot-friendly this summer. For details, go to barefootwine.co.uk

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