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What we wore this week: a best cardigan on a high travel | Jess Cartner-Morley

It is absurd for me to even consider of shopping any some-more cardigans. we have loads already. There are cardigans stealing underneath coats on a hooks in a hallway. There is a drawer pressed full of cardigans squished adult like string nap balls, from that when non-stop a heady smell drifts out of anti-moth lavender oil churned with a woodiness that permeates knitwear ragged to watch an whole box set in a cosiest mark on a lounge right subsequent to a fire. There is a cardigan that took adult residency on a behind of a lavatory doorway years ago and somehow never budged.

But all of those cardigans are wrong. They tumble into dual camps of equal and hostile wrongness. Half of them are crew-neck, fine-knit, waist-length cardigans, that we have in unconstrained colours. They have no figure on a hanger, being radically designed for formless arm-and-shoulder coverage over a dress or vest or T-shirt. They are certainly useful when we are a bit cold though don’t wish to wear a coat. But there is something irritatingly apologetic about them. They are cardigans for a tedious lady who puts a tedious cardigan on over her tedious dress to sentinel off goosebumps during a tedious party. Who wants to be her? Let’s be Rihanna, who if she got cold during a party would shoulder-robe a large glossy padded coupler instead.

So that’s one half of my cardigans. The other half are oversized, downy mammoths. These are indeed utterly fashionable, in a Prada-catwalk kind of a way, though unless we demeanour as if we are on a Prada catwalk we look, instead, like an ungainly sixth former hunched into their teenage angst comfort blanket.

So yeah, we need a new cardigan. In fact, we need this one. Were income no object, we would be removing my new cardigan from Gucci, a source of complicated cardigan inspo, though unwell that we have looked everywhere else and motionless this Marks Spencer one is a best. It is neat adequate to demeanour smart, but being sheepish; it is confidant adequate to be a conform matter but looking mad.

But it’s not only about removing a new cardigan, it’s about treating it properly. we don’t only meant not withdrawal it unresolved on a chair so it gets uncanny indents in a shoulders. we meant wearing it with an engaging span of trousers, like this, so that it gets to be partial of an outfit. we meant putting it with a high-neck blouse or a excellent string polo neck rather than over a vest top. The new cardigan isn’t only a layer, it’s a look. If we have one, time to move it out of hiding.

Jess wears cardigan, £35, and heels, £49.50, both marksandspencer.com. Top, £85, kitristudio.com. Trousers, £36, topshop.com.

Article source: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/apr/13/what-wore-this-week-cardigan-jess-cartner-morle

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