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What to wear for the ‘wettest winter in 33 years’

Boden Brogued Chelsea Boot, £90.30 to £129, depending on colour.
Photograph: PR company handout

Chelsea boots and chic hoodies

Personal style bugbear: grownups who wear wellies to work just because it’s raining. You need to wear them if (a) there is actually snow on the ground, or (b) you are two years old and therefore need to jump into puddles. In all other scenarios, a leather ankle boot is all you need. I have these from Boden. They work with dresses or jeans and they look quite posh. Join me.

Also, be a hoodie. Umbrellas are a fashion-killer. A foldable one starts out dowdy and depressing, and then breaks and gets dowdy and depressing and useless. An old-fashioned sturdy expensive one with a duck handle is fabulous but when the rain stops it doesn’t go in your bag, so you will definitely leave it on the train/in the newsagent, and that’s depressing too. The hood is your friend. Good coats with hoods are hard to find: easier, and more grown up, is to wear a hoodie under your coat. A hooded sweatshirt under a classic Crombie looks quite Kanye. And here’s an idea: didn’t get up at 4am to buy your Wang X HM hooded technical parka? No problem. There’s an anorak with a peaked hood still available. QUICK! Jess Cartner-Morley

Umbrella, Hunter, £65
Photograph: hunter boots.com

Brilliant beanies and eye-catching umbrellas

I can’t believe it has taken me years to discover how brilliant a beanie hat is in bad weather – it keeps your hair dry and under control, and is really cosy. I will be wearing mine from Other Stories and seeing if a proper umbrella like this Hunter one lasts more than 20 minutes in bad weather. I’m opting for neon as it’s harder to lose and more cheerful than my default black. Wet-weather footwear is always an issue, if it’s waterproof it never seems to go with anything in my wardrobe, I’m going to play it safe in black ankle boots. Helen Seamons

Adidas Stan Smiths, £67
Photograph: PR handout images

Puddle-proof white trainers

Wet weather spins me into a wardrobe crisis quicker than you can say “downpour”. I leave umbrellas on the bus, have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with hoods and a Wicked Witch of the West-level fear of water on my hair. But, saying that, there are a couple of things that help get me through a commute relatively unscathed. I am in danger of overplaying Stan Smiths – aka 2014’s trainer of the year – but I find them the best footwear option when it’s wet outside. They come through showers and mucky leaves remarkably well, with a little wipe. They have enough grip for slippery pavements. Throw in an endorsement from Phoebe Philo and the novelty factor of bright white feet on a grey old day, and you’re in good shape. Also, in squally weather, I like to channel a fisherman. A yellow mid-length mac is the classic, obviously, and I have a shiny red mac from Topshop which is a bit Don’t Look Now, a bit Miu Miu AW14 and welcome cheer when it’s chucking it down outside. Lauren Cochrane

Vila Drawstring Waisted Parka, £68 from Asos
Photograph: Asos

A khaki parka

There is a silver lining to these thunderous clouds: the opportunity to wear hoods as much as possible. What other fashion item offers the hands-free rain protection of a novelty umbrella hat while giving you mysterious air of a boxer or that woman in the Scottish Widow adverts? So I’ll be wearing a hooded cape for misty days and a hooded waxed jacket when it’s tipping it down (relaxed khaki is especially good over an otherwise slightly fussy party dress). As for my feet, I’m considering buying a pair of Sorel rainboots – 2014’s answer to the Ugg, without the sogginess. Hannah Marriott

Melissa Vivienne Westwood Bootie with Tassel, £52.80
Photograph: fashionconscious.com

Wellies with style

I’m making an argument for the bright-red poncho. Sure, you’ll look like you’re on your way to watch Tame Impala on Park Stage at Glastonbury, but this isn’t just a statement of intent (yeah, I’m wearing bright-red plastic, what of it?) but a cheap and easy way to keep your entire outfit dry. Whip it off at the office and it’ll be dry in half an hour. Make sure to get one with a drawstring hood so it stays on in windy weather. Stylish wellies do exist, too. Vivienne Westwood’s design for vegan brand Melissa are cute and splashproof, while Hunter wellies even come with heels, should you so wish. Rosie Swash

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