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Why lipstick on your cup is a mark of glamour | Gemma Cairney

I’m in Malawi, east Africa, attempting not to look at any screens for a bit – a mission perfectly enhanced by the fact that the electricity goes off regularly and there is no wifi in many areas outside the capital city… I’m not just here to address my phone addiction, I’m also here to root my feet into the ground, and enjoy adventure.

When I was on my connecting flight from Ethiopia to Malawi, a woman sitting next to me was wearing a shade of lipstick that I first noticed because it had stained her cup of water. For me, it was a nostalgic shade, the same colour as the berries of a Black Forest gateau – a gorgeous burgundy, edging on plum. It instantly reminded me of one of my mum’s friends back when I was growing up. This particular lip stain would mark a wine glass in our house at the end of an evening, the sign of a great night shared and lots of women laughing.

I’m inspired to paint my lips the colour of glistening jewels, too. If you’re also up for this, go against the trend for matt lipstick as it’s a style that should have a bit of shine – enough to stain cups and leave your mark of glamour wherever you go.


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