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6 Different Nail Shapes You Need to Know

Each woman is permanently preoccupied with her look. We style our hair in the best way, use eyeliner as well as mascara to create a perfect makeup, apply perfume and choose the most gorgeous outfit. However, when thinking about all these details, we may skip paying a proper attention to our hands. There is no better way to make our hands stand out than having amazingly polished nails.

But you may get confused which nail shape is best for you hands. That’s why we present these 6 different nail shapes you need to know.

Different Nail Shapes

1.  Almond Nail Shape

One of the exquisite nail shapes you should know is the almond form. It is also among the well- known nail types. Almond nail shape is a combination of the best features of oval and square nails, creating a majestic and fascinating look. Women are fond of this classic nail form, as it provides your fingers with a slender touch, elongating and making them look thinner. Together with all these benefits, almond nails have shortcomings, as well. Almond nails shape won’t allow your nails grow and the tips will be exposed to breaking. Thus, in case you deal with oopsy tips, you will need to go for shaving n order to get the desired almond shape. Being too much careful is the key of super beautiful nails.

2.  Rounded Nail Shape

 Probably, each woman has ever worn round-shaped nails. They are noticed each day and almost on everyone. This popular nail shape doesn’t know any age restriction and each woman rocks it without hesitation. There are several causes to fall in love with round nail shapes. For beginners, it’s too subtle and has a strikingly attractive and elegant look. The round shaped nails look fabulous on any hand form and it’s a great option for those girls who are for short nails. On the other hand, round nails have a strong power, and are broken with a great difficulty. Moreover, round-formed nails may be easily fixed, restoring their previous look.

3.  Oval Nail Shape

 If you are prone to the round-shaped nails but want to make a bit change, the oval shape is the best option to go for. They may be described as strong with a feminine vibe. It is a combination of almond, as well as round and square nail forms to achieve a fabulous look. Oval is a fantastic option for those girls who want to go a bit bolder with their nails.

4.  Square Nail Shape

Square nail shape is a great popularity among women in all over the world. This style creates an ideal canvas for astounding shades as well as French mani. When opting for square nails, you should consider that they make everyone focus on your hands. Thus, girls having short nails as well as hands shouldn’t wear this style, as they may end up with thick and heavy looking nails.   

5.  Rounded Square Nail Shape

If square-shaped nails seem appealing to you, but you change its sharpness a bit, then the rounded square shape is the best option for you. Being square in its form, the edges are a bit rounded for a subtle and refined look. This adorable style will suit any nail form. Moreover, they won’t be exposed to easy breakage and may be fixed quite easily.

6.  Stiletto Nail Shape

Stiletto is one of the hottest and wildest nail shapes. Due to such celebrities as Rihanna, Beyonce as well as Lady Gaga, stiletto nails have become super trendy and fashionable. Wearing long and pointed nails, you will create a breathtaking look. Any nail polish, especially the glitter mani looks celestial on this nail forms. If you are tired of your edgy look, you are recommended sporting stiletto nails. You should only be very careful as they are prone to breakage.

After considering all these different nail shapes, rock the one, which goes with your hands perfectly. Find out what type of impression you would like to create and make your great choice.


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