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9 Lipstick Mistakes and Ways to Fix Them

Lipsticks like diamonds are one of the most essential things to accentuate each girl’s beauty. Lipstick has a power to add extra charm to your makeup and outfit. It will influence on your mood, as well. However, even a slight lipstick mistake can spoil your makeup, as well as outfit and mood, in case you use a wrong color or fail applying the right hue in a proper way. You should accept that the lipstick application requires high maintenance.

But in case you are for an idea that lipstick has a great role in your look, you should find out which types have this power. For instance, lighter shades which go perfectly with the tone of your skin require low maintenance, as the lip outline will be less visible. It means that you don’t need to preoccupy about creating crisp lines. Compared with the darker tone, the neutral shade won’t look patchy against the natural lip color.

Lipstick Mistakes and Ways to Fix Them

The lipstick formula is of great importance, too. Compared with the matte formula, sheer and glossy lipsticks have a tendency to wear off, which leads to frequent usage. However, you should know that matte lipsticks have a drying feature, so you will need to carry out preparative actions before using it. Here are 9 lipstick mistakes and ways to fix them without depending on your lipstick shade and formula.

1.  You Skip Lip Exfoliation

You won’t be able to spread your lipstick evenly and make it smooth, if you ignore the importance of exfoliation. Moreover, your lipstick won’t have a long life, if applied on your dry and weather-beaten lips. To exfoliate your lips, use a sugar scrub or opt for a toothbrush.

2.  You Skip Hydration and Priming

In case your lips are hydrated, the lipstick application will be smoother. If your lipstick has a drying ingredient, make sure your lips are properly hydrated. To achieve it use as much water as possible and reach for a primer to fix your lips.   

3.  You Skip Lip Lining

Avoiding lip lining is one of the lipstick mistakes you will make. There are several reasons why you should line your lips. On the one hand it prevents your lipstick from going out of the lines and on the other hand it will give your lipstick a long life. For extra dimension, apply liner a bit darker in shade compared with your lipstick color.  

4.  You Don’t Opt for the Right Lipstick Tone

Not only skins but lipsticks also own various undertones. You won’t get a flattering look, if you opt for a wrong lipstick tone. The shade should perfectly go with your undertones.  

5.  You Don’t Apply Lipstick Suiting Your Lipstick Shape

One of the common lipstick mistakes is that you don’t choose a lipstick, which perfectly goes with your lipstick shade. Deep toned lipsticks are your best choice if you want to get thin-looking lips. Light shades are perfect for those girls who seek for fuller-looking lips. Skip vampy shades if your aim is not to have thin lips.

6.  You Skip Lipstick Setting

Fix your lips and elongate your lipstick life by going for lip setting. Blotting aids the color sit on your lips by a slight pressure. In case you desire to make your lipstick stay in its place, keep a tissue on the lips and apply powder on it.

7.  You Apply Excess Gloss

There is no necessity to make another lipstick mistake and spread gloss on your entire lips.  Just apply a little gloss in the center of your lips to intensify and improve the natural shape of your lips, giving a bit shine, as well. However, gloss has a tendency to crawl in an hour or two, and it will make your lipstick slide down, too.      

8.  You Don’t Go for Teeth Protection

It is not pleasant to have a lipstick stain on your teeth. To fix this lipstick mistake, place one of your fingers in your mouth and bring your lips close, then take you finger out. The excess lipstick will be transferred to your finger, preventing your teeth from having them.

9.  You Don’t Put Your Lipstick in Your Purse

You will unavoidably need lipstick reapplication when being outdoors. Skip making a lipstick mistake by putting your lipstick in your purse, when going out of the house.

If you want to enjoy your faultless makeup look, skip making lipstick application mistakes and instead opt for ways to fix them.


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