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A Girl’s Best Friend Vol. 4

Kinky coeds can’t get enough of their anal toys!It takes a special kind of friend to do the dirty things these girls do together! 6 sex scenes, plus 2 bonus sex scenes. 156 minutes, plus 70 bonus minutes.Adam and Eve recommends this adult DVD for anyone interested in amateur coeds or all girl action as well as fans of the Girl’s Best Friend series.
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Is Sarah more than just a best friend?

Confessions, revelations and past secrets are brought to light in the conclusion of “ARE WE STILL JUST FRIENDS?”


Jessie and her best friend Sarah visit one of Sarah’s old friends.

After a flirty introduction, the group heads our for the night. Things get a hot and heavy on the dance floor and Jessie realizes the girl has a lot more to offer than a cute face and body.

Ditching early, they end up back at the apartment for a hot shower hook up.

But…when Sarah comes home to discover them in the shower, things get a bit…questionable–especially when Sarah joins in the fun! After moving to the bedroom, the three share a night none of them will ever forget!

But is everything as random and perfect as it seems?
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Thirteen-year-old Holly is dealing with the major concerns of every preteen and teenage girl: boys, family, and school. But with the help of her friends and her faith in God, Holly is able to survive her first boyfriend and her first breakup, a crush on her student teacher, and a new baby sister "invading" her house. Volume One includes Best Friend, Worst Enemy; Secret Summer Dreams; Sealed With a Kiss; The Trouble With Weddings; and California Crazy.
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