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Ace Of Spades Gum Drop Plug

This Is One Naughty Anal Toy!If you’re ready to graduate to something bigger, sweeter and more filling––here’s the butt plug for you! Wildly erotic, its soft-yet-firm shape provides deep stimulation and handling! 4” tall and 3” wide, the flared base makes it safe for hands-free solo fun. Use with your favorite water or silicon-based lube for maximum enjoyment.
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Related Products In Amazon The gumdrops butt plug is uniquely designed to bring the user anal pleasure however they desire. beginners can experiment with the slender, knobbed tip, while the more experienced can enjoy the filling sensation of the bulged lower half with equal pleasure. a slender neck near the base ensures comfortable wear, both against and inside the body. a flared base adds to user-friendly design with a flat bottom that aids in solo play and doubles as a handle to help insertion. elegant and pleasurable, this butt plug will be one you come back to indulge in again and again.
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