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Beauty: makeup sticks

I love a stick. Fat, solid, twist-up makeup like something Larry Olivier might have smeared on before playing Coriolanus. Sticks are cylindrical like a bingo marker, so don’t take up too much makeup bag real estate (and don’t require brushes that get caught in the zip) and, crucially, can’t smash to recreate a Jackson Pollock.

There are brilliant new sticks for spring. Bobbi Brown has reformulated her groundbreaking 1992 stick foundation. Renamed Skin Foundation Stick (£29), it lasts longer, looks natural, comes in a characteristically inclusive shade range, and is suitable for all skins. I love it for hastily ramping up a sheer base for an unexpected night out. Another icon in transition is Nars Multiple. The classic lip and cheek sticks are joined by matte versions (£30, and portions are enormous). I like them even better, especially on the lips (shimmery lips get a no from me). Anguilla (pictured here) is a fantastically useful shade for casual days or for balancing smoky eyes.

And at £7.90, Kiko’s Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush is great value. This Italian brand is carving out a niche, selling a vast range of relatively cheap products that still feel indulgent. Dab straight from the stick, then blend with your fingertips.

Sali loves… intensive hair conditioners

Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment, £3.99
Marvellous for the price, and for anyone short of time. It is applied and rinsed like a normal conditioner, but acts like a more hefty treatment. Good on all hair types.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil, £30
Pricey, but super-concentrated. Incredibly effective on dry, damaged hair. If your hair is fine and flat, use when you won’t need it to look great the following day. Smells beautiful.

ORS Replenishing Pak, 92p
Friends with very coarse hair are always asking if I have any of this (chemists routinely sell out). This deep conditioner transforms very thick, frizzy or afro hair into soft, more pliable locks. Brilliant.

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