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Black & White Nail Design Ideas

Nail art is very popular now-a-days. An inventive and highlighted nail art can perk up almost everyone and can also add spice and spunk to an otherwise dreary appearance or a monotonous outfit.

Nail art and care has now established a niche pose in the raising beauty business. With more and more women on the sentry for fashion and being exceedingly conscious about the way they uphold themselves, nail art is getting hipper. But the desire for a touch of difference has shifted the Love from high-contrast multiple color blocking trend to simple but stylish black and white nail designs.

Here, we are presenting some great designs that can be done using the everlasting contrast of black and white colors that will definitely help you to embrace the current trend

How to proceed

There are some steps that need to be followed while proceeding with any nail design.

  • The nails should be clean and shaped.
  • Always apply a base coat and it should get dried, after this apply second coat.
  • Start with the chosen nail design carefully on the base coat and again let it get dried. If you cant wait and are impatient, use the hair dryer to fasten the process.
  • When you are done with it, apply a layer of transparent nail color paint. This can also be done with transparent nail paint with shimmer, to add more glitter to your design. Now wait it to dry fully.


Nail designs using black and white color

Polka dots: this design is easy and trendy at the same time. Try white dots on the base coat of black or vice versa. The size of dots can vary to give different look.

Scary ghost: this is a great design for a party with Halloween theme and is very popular among teenagers. Apply a base coat of black with a “v” in the middle made with white color. You can also make an eye between the “v”. Various other designs of ghosts can also be painted.

Cube tube: various geometric designs can be made by using the black and white color nail paints to give a classy and funky design all at once. Heart shapes can also be made to give a lovely appearance.

Beginners design: one of the simplest nail designs is to give the base coat of black and the tips white. This design looks gorgeous on long nails.

Impish nights: paint entire nail with the black color and make moon and stars with the tint of white.

Animal prints: stripes are very easy to make when it comes to nail art. You can use horizontal, vertical, diagonal or wiggly stripes.

Nail art is certainly catching on in a large way and it’s high time for you to dip your nails in a splash of black and white colors and to showcase your alluring glamorous side. All you need to do is to survey your imagination and come up with some incredible ideas. Have fun!

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