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Conference stylewatch: the colour purple

There’s a rule of thumb in fashion: when you see something three times, you call it a trend. But by the same token, if you see something too often, the look is done. It’s hard to know how Ed Balls, Ed Miliband, Peter Hain and Neil Kinnock felt at the Echo Arena when they realised they had all chosen purple-ish ties. Did they feel relieved about their colour harmony and its fairly obvious political message or did they each regret not breaking out a print?

Labour have been rocking the colour purple for a while now. We know why. But, in style terms, purple, or “boozy” as it has been renamed this season, is a bona fide trend outside the conference bubble.

So how does this sartorial turn of events make Labour feel? Are they relieved that there are so many high street options around as a result? Or are they squirming that they’re suddenly on trend? Unfortunately, by the cut of their suits it’s hard to believe that any of them have given this a moment’s thought.

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