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Consistent Tee

More Launch Angle; Less Backspin; Longer and More Consistent Drivers The Patent Pending Consistent-Tee(TM) is designed specifically for the new Oversize Drivers made by the major golf manufacturers. We’ve taken the guesswork out of knowing how high to tee your ball so you can have confidence that your ball is always positioned for optimal launch angle and backspin. Our science takes advantage of longer USGA compliant tees and helps the science behind your oversize driver and golf ball perform for you. In an independent test (see above chart for results), the Consistent-Tee(TM) helps a golfer get on average 3 Degrees more launch angle, 300 RPMs less backspin, 10 yards more carry distance and 15 yards more roll distance. The Consistent-Tee(TM) may give golfers 25 more yards in total driving distance. The Consistent-Tee(TM) places the ball in the optimal position so that your Driver will perform the way it was designed.
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Related Products In Amazon Removes the guesswork for golfers while teeing up to the ball with the new deep-faced drivers. The Consistent Tee is a 3.25″ plastic tee with protruding washer-like bevel halfway from tip, allowing you to always tee the ball 1 9/16″ off the ground, the idea location for the new larger-headed drivers. Package of 10.
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FlexTees were designed to make every golfter of any handicap better by adding distance to each tee shot. FlexTee reduces drag and gives every shot incredible distance and accuracy. Red: 3″ Oversized Drivers, Orange: 2.5″ Fairway Woods – Drivers, Yellow: 2.25″ Irons – Fairway Woods.
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