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Focal Point

Focal Point: A proven system to simplify your life, double your productivity and achieve all your goals.
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Related Products In Amazon The true secret of high achievers is that they know how to find their focal point, the one thing they should do, at any given moment to get the best possible results in each area of their lives. In “Focal Point”, Tracy brings together the very best ideas on personal management into a simple, easy-to-use plan. “Focal Point” shows readers how to develop absolute clarity about what they want and how they can achieve supreme satisfaction, both personally and professionally.Focal Point is author and motivational speaker Brian Tracy’s latest guide to professional and personal development. Combining the basic principles of career success and life balance he has advocated in the past with anecdotes for inspiration, the book proposes a unified approach to simultaneously achieving improvement at work and at home. The crux is finding the “focal point” in all pertinent areas–business, family, finances, health–and then launching a seven-step “personal strategic plan” that “helps you identify exactly what is most important to you … identify what you need to do to achieve your most important goals (and) determine the steps you have to take to get from wherever you are to wherever you want to go.” Tracy shows quite explicitly how to incorporate the specific phases of the process, including Values, Vision, Goals, Knowledge and Skills, Habits, Daily Activities, and Actions, into a drive for long-term growth and overall advancement. Not all who follow Tracy’s program will find their incomes doubled and work hours pared while their personal relationships blossom, of course, but anyone who applies it diligently should see definite improvement. —Howard Rothman
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Just stay alive…just stay alive.

Kidnapped, with no hope of rescue, Sophie Daniels finds herself face to face with a man whose familiarity and professed love push Sophie to the mental edge. Forcing herself into survivor mode Sophie begins a run for her life that involves more than an escape plan. Building skills and defenses Sophie turns from the ordinary girl she was, into the extraordinary woman her kidnapping forced her to become.

Sophie will be faced with the hard truth that while she may be strong enough to conquer her demons, she may never vanquish them.

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