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From Garry Monk’s haircut to Arsene Wenger’s zip: football manager style this season

Arsene Wenger’s coat

The Arsenal manager’s FA Cup win this weekend was surely helped along by a certain knee-length padded jacket that saw him through many mid-week winter matches, pacing in the dugout, arms crossed, sometimes scowling in an Eagle from the Muppets manner. The trademark coat, and its troublesome zip, has become something of a cult item for Arsenal fans. Created this season by sponsors Puma, it was even available to buy for your own Wenger moment. A jacket with, to use a Wengerism, a lot of quality.

Dick Advocaat’s scarf

Dick Advocaat, formerly of Sunderland. Photograph: Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Only with Sunderland for a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it two-month stay, Advocaat nevertheless managed to make his impact not only by keeping the team in the Premier League, but also with excellent accessorising. His ribbed beige scarf – which he dubbed “lucky” after a win against Newcastle – was rarely away from his neck. Teamed with sharp knee-length coats and crisp white shirts, in fashion terms it is the equivalent of a top-six finish.

Tony Pulis’s baseball cap

Tony Pulis – rarely parted from his cap. Photograph: Matt Bunn/BPI/REX Shutterstock/Matt Bunn/BPI/REX Shutterstock

A baseball-capped Tony Pulis on the touchline has become a familiar fixture for football fans – so much so that seeing him without it for post-match comments is a bit like seeing him naked. No surprise – the manager has made it a part of his touchline wardrobe since he first worked with Gillingham in 1995. Now at West Brom, it’s such a Pulis thing that the the club sold out of navy baseball caps when he was appointed in January.

Nigel Pearson’s tracksuit

Nigel Pearson of Leicester City. Photograph: Darren Staples/Reuters / Darren Staples

Nigel Pearson’s remarkable achievement of keeping Leicester City in the Premier League is perhaps only overshadowed by his equally remarkable ability to stay in a tracksuit for an entire season. While most managers alternate between track and smart suit, the former works for Pearson’s no-nonsense approach, where a shift with players at the training ground is prioritised over anything that might require a tie and shoes. He has taken it on board, even describing himself as a “tracksuit manager”. Expect more trackies next season.

Garry Monk’s hair

Garry Monk of Swansea City. Photograph: Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Everyone knows about football players’ haircuts. But, apart from maybe Jose Mourinho’s salt and pepper crop and Manuel Pellegrini’s feathered waves, it is pretty much a uniform of short back and sides for the sidelines. Enter Garry Monk, the Swansea City manager who at 36 is a spring chicken, and his proper haircut. A bit like a mixture of Olivier Giroud’s sidesweep and Jack Grealish’s spiky peak, it is a quiet but interesting addition to sideline style. A bit like Monk himself, really.

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