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From Norway’s passports to hipsters: what’s hot and what’s not this week

Going up

New Mac product smell Can someone get Comme des Garçons to turn this into a perfume?

The red leather coat from Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Current/Elliott collection Cheery Christmas-walk outerwear with gallic chic.

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger Celebrity next-gen couple du jour. Hopefully this means Arnie and Billy Ray will be spending Christmas together.

Norway’s passports Incredibly chic – especially the very Ed Ruscha inside spreads. HM Passport Office, please start your mood board.

Studio 10 makeup Essentials that actually work. The lip collection and contour palette make excellent gifts for both experts and beginners.

Charlotte Simone’s Bon Bon bag A pink fluffy bag that looks like a massive sweet. What’s not to like?

Going down

Cranberries in everything Fine on the Christmas dinner table. Not so much in brownies. One seasonal ingredient we’d be happy to lose.

Your outdoor clothes It’s Christmas week. Posh comfort dressing only.

Pretty perfume bottles Pah. Toy by Moschino – a fluffy teddy whose head must be removed to access the scent – has set the bar for subversion.

Branding anything remotely different as hipster For 2015 we recommend being discerning in your labelling of what’s “hipster”. It’s confusing and straight-up lazy.

‘Ethnic’ as an adjective Too many brands seem to think this is an acceptable way to describe garments. It’s not. Fix up.

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