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How I get ready: Freddie Flintoff

I jump in the shower, put on my jeans and I am done. Obviously I put smellies on. People take the mickey, but I use Joop. It’s old school and featured on Channel 4’s Dogging Tales. One of the fellas said: “Before we go out, I put a bit of Joop on.” It hasn’t put me off, though. I like it – Joop that is, not dogging.

When I do a shoot, my mate Donald does my hair and puts things on my face, but I have never moisturised. I probably should as I am getting a few lines, crow’s feet and bags under my eyes – I’m looking a bit lived-in. There is conjecture about the blondish colour of my hair – I think I do possess the ginger gene as my beard grows red. I can look very pale, so Donald will make me look a bit browner.

I like wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in. There’s nothing worse than skin-tight jeans or a tight top. I don’t mind wearing suits now and then, but usually I wear jeans, a blue jumper and Timberland boots or Air Max trainers.

I am 37 and I have stopped chasing the perfect body. I played cricket this winter in Brisbane and I was in the dressing room with lads a lot younger than me and they had abs and muscles and all sorts, so I sneaked off to get changed so I could get my belly out.

When I was a young cricketer playing for England nobody had abs, and you had to be clean-shaven. You got fined 50 quid if you weren’t, so I used to get fined all the time; but then they saw sense and now you can have a beard if you want. I feel more comfortable with facial hair – but it’s not so much designer stubble as lazy stubble.

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